The organization of the games creates a shock and engages the urban regeneration towards a new long-term vision of the prosperity of the city and its inhabitants.
How did the cities of Barcelona 1992 and Munich 1972 see 25-35 years after the realization of this vision and the evolution of its heritage?

Animated by Brigitte Bariol, General Delegate of FNAU with :
Joaquim Clusa (Barcelone)
Johanes Dragomir (Munich), President of SRL
Intervention of the students of ESSEC


Cooperation between the various municipalities and between companies, local government and civil society is obviously essential when receiving the planet.
How has the preparation of the Games and world events had a lasting impact on the territorial cohesion of the regions that have welcomed them? Return of experiences from London Lille and Hamburg

Animated by Emmanuel de la Masselière with  :
Richard Blyth, (Londres)
Mathias Kuhlmann, (Hambourg)
Thierry Baert, (Lille)


How do the Games and world events engage cities and regions in the energy transition and taking into account climate change and environmental protection at the heart of public spaces?
Experience feedback from Turin, Athens and Lillehammer

Animated by Stephen Wilkinson, President of RTPI a with :
François Tamisier, Architecte Urbaniste en chef d’ADP (Paris)
Elias Beriatos (Athènes) délégué ECTP-CEU
Jacques Perret (Albertville)


Conclusions of the feedback and prospects on the reception of the world events for the benefit of the populations

Elected officials of « Plaine Commune »
Patricia Pelloux, APUR, Responsible for Sites et infrastructures at the Paris Bid Committee for the 2024 Olympic Games
Luc Emile Bouche Florin, Honorary President of the ECTP-CEU
Joris Scheers, President du ECTP-CEU